Bringing a Bit of Heaven to Earth

Via Flickr
Via Flickr

When Abraham left his home to follow God, he did something interesting along the way. The Bible says that he invoked the Name of the Lord. The first time I saw this, I contemplated its meaning.

The consensus among commentators is that Abraham was holding an open church service – sharing God with others and teaching about the one true God in cultures and places where there were a myriad of false gods. In other words, he was teaching theology to the masses.

To put it simplistically, Abraham was bringing light and being light wherever he went.

When God told Abraham to go to a foreign country, He knew what Abraham would do along the way. He knew when Abraham would sleep, eat, rest, laugh – and He even knew when Abraham would call on Him. And I can assure you that anytime Abraham called on God – God was there.

Abraham’s peregrination wasn’t just a physical possession of the land God was going to show him – his journey was also about bringing a bit of heaven on earth in different places along the way. And isn’t this every Christian’s ultimate service? To call on God and share our faith wherever we are – to bring change to the atmosphere, home, city, state or country where we reside?

I’ve moved around quite a bit over the last several years, and it’s comforting to see the example of Abraham and know that a move to a new place is never in vain. Especially If I behave like the patriarch Abraham did and invoke the name of the Lord wherever I go – bringing a bit of heaven on earth.


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