How to (Almost) Quit Sugar

Via Flickr By Beverley Goodwin
Via Flickr By Beverley Goodwin

Sugar is addictive. It’s also a toxin. It’s also ridiculously delicious. Over the years, I’ve become more conscientious of what I eat – reading labels wherever I go. My sugar intake has declined dramatically. Below is how I’ve (almost) quit sugar.

1. Eat more fiber. The more fiber you eat, the fuller you’ll feel. If you feel full, sugar cravings will diminish and eventually vanish.

2. Completely eliminate the sugary foods that you can’t live without. I’ve eliminated ice-cream, apple pie, and chocolate.

3. Find a replacement for your eliminated foods. Chocolate was incredibly hard to stop eating, but I now use roasted carob when I want something that tastes slightly similar. I’m still searching for a suitable ice-cream substitute.

4. Have healthy sweet treats. I feel almost indulgent when I eat watermelon during the summer, and fresh strawberries are a must for breakfast each morning.

5. Remember that your body is a temple. Your temple is sacred, respect it.


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