Getting the Heart and Mind to Agree

Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

How do you feel settled when everything around you is unsettling?

You have to dig deep down in a place that you haven’t reached before and allow God to be in that place. If He is the Prince of Peace then peace will reside in you – and the same peace will eventually permeate the rest of your spirit and soul.

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Philippians, otherwise known as the Book of Peace. There have only been a handful of times in my life when I’ve felt a physical, tangible peace. Not inner peace, but a peace that is both inner and outer – a solid peace that blankets the soul and body. The first time I felt that peace was while reading the book of Philippians.

Scientifically (from a biological perspective) you can’t feel peace unless your heart and mind agree. Researchers have discovered that the heart has a literal mind of its own – a smaller brain. And when your head-brain and heart-brain agree this produces a chemical that runs through your bloodstream producing a ‘feeling’ of peace.

Many people are robbed of their peace. It’s because they are in a constant struggle with getting their mind and heart on the same page. However, it’s not just as simple as getting the brain and heart to agree, but specifically getting them to agree on the right thing, or rather the righteous thing. Because it’s possible for your heart and mind to agree on an evil thing.

Evil can never produce peace. It can only produce darkness, which can only be dissolved by light.

In Luke, Jesus talks about heart-mind agreement when encountering a young, rich man who wanted to know more about holiness and heaven. Jesus’s reply to the man’s question of how he could live a righteous life was this:

He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Peace is as simple as trusting God with your whole heart and mind. But it’s as complicated as trusting God with all your heart and mind because you’ve got to get the two to agree first.


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