Biblical Meditation – 2 Chronicles 20:32-33

Via StockSnap
Via StockSnap

Jehoshaphat did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. But even though he did what was right, and swayed the people under him to do likewise, there was still something missing from Israel to make the worship of God complete, holy, and pure.

The high places weren’t removed.

Detestable places were still standing throughout the land. They were a spiritual and physical eyesore, yet no one seemed to bother to break them down.

Maybe the people thought that the presence of the high places weren’t influencing their devotion to God. Unfortunately, it did affect the nation. The people still hadn’t worshiped the God of Israel with all of their hearts.

How could they, when there were still places for the idols standing in their midst?

Anything can become an idol. A thing, person, place or even an ideology becomes an idol when it supersedes or subtracts from our devotion to the one true God.

When we allow idols to stand in our midst, it isn’t possible to worship God with all of our hearts. Our attention, time, dedication, and devotion is divided between the idols and God. And no one can really, truly serve two masters.

What would Israel have been like during that time if the high places had been removed?

The answer is simple: there would have been whole-hearted worship. And logically, whole-hearted worship precedes an abundance of blessing.


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