His Mercy is Never-Ending

Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

I keep trying to convince myself that parenting is going to get easier. It doesn’t. The challenges change, and the difficulties rooted in parenting simply shift to other areas. My son is technically a preschooler, and I keep telling myself that in a year or two things will be better – it’s self-deception for purposes of sanity.

When my son gives me a hard time, I often stop and ask myself “Am I giving my heavenly Father a hard time? In a year or two, will I be better?” I often feel like I’m flailing about – swimming in doubt and unbelief… and displeasing Him, yet He rescues me from the depths every time.

His mercy is never-ending.

Parenting doesn’t just require patience, it requires mercy. Because when you are dealing with a rebellious, defiant, or downright uncontrollable child, you’ve got to restrain yourself when you find it impossible to restrain them. You have to extend love in the midst of your anger.

Most parents love their kids with all their hearts. If our hearts, which are evil are capable of loving our children so desperately; then God, who is pure righteousness loves us beyond our comprehension. His capacity to love us is endless.

Instead of sinking in doubt and unbelief, I need to learn to sink in His grace – because His grace, love, and mercy really is an ocean.


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