Peace as a Compass

Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

When something is not right, you don’t feel quite right. I have had a few of those days, moments, and even seasons when something was off, and I didn’t feel quite right. Sometimes I knew exactly what the trouble was; and other times I couldn’t quite put my finger on it… it all comes down to peace.

When my husband and I first moved to the PNW, we immediately joined a church. We jumped right in, without questions or prayer. The people were nice, and they had free donuts…. seemed good, and shallow enough… But that was precisely what was wrong. It was just good… and shallow.

There was no peace.

Eventually, God put us somewhere else, and when He did, the weight lifted. That funny feeling that followed me around whenever I thought of my church left. I finally had peace.

I use peace as an internal compass. I understand how dangerous it is to live your life based entirely on ‘feelings.’ But I also think it’s dangerous when a person refuses to listen to the voice inside of the pit of their stomach that says “Something isn’t right.”

I’ve learned to understand that the feeling of something ‘feeling off’ is really just the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It’s God saying “Don’t do that!”

I am a strong believer in Divine direction and intervention, and I know that God directs our steps, but we still have to agree to go in the direction He is giving us. Too often, we go the wrong way, and then feel uneasy. Peace leaves when you’re headed in the wrong direction.

Peace is a powerful compass.


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