Can Rocks Speak? (Hosanna in the Highest)

When Yeshua entered Jerusalem on the donkey and the people started to cry  Hosanna, the Pharisees’ immediate response was to tell Yeshua to tell the people to stop praising Him.

Yeshua’s response to the Pharisees is interesting. He tells them that if they don’t worship Him the rocks will cry out. This is intriguing for many reasons. First, it’s interesting because rocks really can cry out, scientifically speaking. Researchers who dug into the mysteries of Stonehenge discovered that there was acoustic energy in the stones. They called them sonic or music rocks.

Rocks speak.

Sound is vibrational energy – and for some strange, metaphysical, geological reason – rocks CAN hold sound. Yeshua was geologically accurate when He said that the bricks would talk because the rocks around Yeshua were carrying the praises of God.

Yeshua wasn’t just a man, but also God in the flesh. I can’t imagine the infinite pool of vibrational energy that must have exuded from Yeshua. Even His clothes carried a divine energy that repelled sickness and disease. Everything about Him and everything around Him was affected by His Presence… including objects that are otherwise ‘inanimate’. Yeshua brought so much life to the earth that even His clothes held the life of healing.

The second thing that’s interesting about Yeshua stating that the rocks would cry out is the humbling realization that God doesn’t need our praise. Everything that has breath praises God – we know that. But here in Luke, we see that even that which has NO breath is capable of praising God. When the Psalmist said that all creation praise the Lord, he wasn’t just speaking of people – but literally meant ALL creation – the trees, plants, water, and even the rocks.


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