Six Dieting Rules that Might Actually Work

Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

Dieting has become far too complicated. We overthink food. There are a million diets out there and most of them don’t work. And when they do work, the results are often short-lived. The simple answer to health is to eat less and exercise more – but there are a million rules surrounding what we should eat. Below are six unconventional dieting rules that actually work.

Rule 1 – Eat from the Old Testament. I think that anything the Israelites ate in the Old Testament is probably safe. Some of the things that they ate include raisins, figs, grapes, dates, olives, lentils, beans, honey, flatbread, roasted lamb. Yes, they were feasting. Anything mentioned in the Torah is probably safe to eat (unless God calls it unclean).

Rule 2 – Eat once a day. If a man can master his stomach, he can master his destiny. You must master your stomach. I was a little surprised when I learned Herschel Walker (a man I highly respect and admire although I know nothing of football) only eats one meal a day. Have you seen him? He hasn’t aged. He looks phenomenal, and he only eats one meal a day. There isn’t a nutritionist in the world that would recommend one meal a day, but for Hershel and thousands of others, it works.

Rule 3 – Skip breakfast. Recently, I learned from a Ted Talk that breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. Breakfast as the most important meal is just marketing and advertising. You can’t trust marketers.

Rule 4 – Ignore Government Dietary Guidelines. You can’t trust marketers, and you can’t trust the government either. If you look closely at our federal, nutritional guidelines and compare them to other countries, you’ll notice they vary considerably (sometimes dramatically) from country to country. My son wasn’t born in the states. I remember how confused I felt when all of the things that were off-limits in the States for pregnant women (things like coffee and sushi) were green-light items for pregnant women in the Netherlands. It was completely acceptable to drink the incredibly strong, black Dutch coffee that other pregnant women in Holland were drinking in the morning. It was no longer forbidden, simply because I changed my geographic location.

Rule 5 – Enjoy your food. God put food on the earth for our enjoyment. Savor every bite. Food is like sex; it’s supposed to feel good. Sometimes we take it too far, and turn what was designed for nourishment and pleasure into a gluttonous catastrophe. Many people have a difficult time staying within the sexual parameters that God defines as sacred; it’s no different with food. People abuse both. Remember that your body is a temple, respect it by eating healthy.

Rule 6 – Let your food be your medicine. God didn’t just create food for our enjoyment; he also created it for our healing. Foods from the earth have healing mechanisms embedded in their DNA. The Holy scriptures state that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. Stay away from processed foods and remember that God’s apple is better than a lab apple. Eat things that are good for you. Eat things that are healthy. Make amazing, delicious meals with the food God has put on the earth.


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