Why I Stopped Watching R-Rated Movies


Some Christians can watch anything. I cannot. I have to be careful about what I watch, and I am. One of the things that I watch very rarely is R-Rated movies – unless I have a clear idea of what I’m actually getting myself into.

I don’t watch R-rated movies for the typical reasons. Most R-rated movies are incredibly violent. And if they are not violent, then they’re filled with sex. The ones that are sexless are filled with cursing and blasphemy. PG 13 rated movies are only slightly better.

Violent television and movies don’t just affect you spiritually – they also affect you physically. There are physical changes that actually occur in your brain when you watch the ‘wrong’ TV shows and movies. Studies confirm that when a person watches the ‘wrong’ thing, harmful brain changes start to occur. But it’s not my brain that I’m worried about when I turn on the television – it’s my conscious.

I don’t want to violate my conscious by what I watch. So, I choose to keep my television diet very simple and minimalist.

The Bible describes Job as blameless and righteous. Job made a covenant with his eyes. In Psalm 101, David says something similar stating that he would not set before his eyes anything that is worthless. Yeshua said that the eye is the lamp of the body. The eyes play a remarkable role in our spirituality.

I’m careful what I put before my eyes. I don’t watch just anything on the tele.

Am I missing out on great entertainment?

Maybe so, but I don’t care because my conscious is clear.

I sometimes listen to the sermons of Zac Poonen. He once answered the question from a viewer on whether or not Christians should watch television and movies. His response is harsh. He explains that when people ask these kinds of questions, what they are really asking is “How close to the edge of a train platform can I stand without falling over?”

The real problem is the desire to stand at the edge in the first place.


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