How to Live a Complaint-Free Life

Many of our anxieties and frustrations are fueled by our complaints.  When we complain, we set ourselves up to embrace disappointment.  There is nothing wrong with saying how you feel, and being perfectly honest about those feelings.

However, venting turns into complaining when it takes on a “why me?” tone. When we have a pity party that is more concerned with why we feel a certain way instead of what we can do about it, we become complainers. Below are a few tips to help you maintain a complaint free life:

Have an attitude of gratitude  

Is it really that bad? Ask yourself if it could be worse.  If it could be worse be thankful that it’s not. Having a spirit of thanksgiving eliminates complaints. The next time you feel like complaining, count your blessings and be grateful for the life that you have. Being thankful is a cure for complaining.

Replace Complaining with Contemplating

We complain when something is broke, we are broke, plans have gone awry, there is no cell phone signal, no wifi, our cat peed on the rug, our husband drank the last cup of coffee, and so on. Complaints often arise when there is a problem. Instead of complaining about the problem, spend time contemplating a solution. When our focus shifts from the problem to the answer, the complaining stops.

Look for the silver lining

My former house had so many spiders. No matter how clean the house was they scampered down the hallway or dropped from the ceiling.  While I could have complained about the fact I lived in a place with more spiders than the Amazon, instead, I looked for the silver lining in the situation. So what is the silver lining? The silver lining is that at least I had a home for the spiders to invade, and I didn’t live in the Amazon. Always look for the silver lining.


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