The Yes Dear Marriage (1 Kings 1:28)

When Denzel Washington was asked by a reporter what the key to success was in his 25-year marriage, his response was; “Do whatever your wife tells you. Yes, dear. Breathe.”

Marriage begins with Yes.

When a man (or woman) proposes the one word that they need to hear to begin the marriage journey is “Yes.” The phrases “Yes”, “I do”, or “I will” is the start of the marriage and continuing the usage of the word keeps the marriage going.

Biblically, we are told that wives are to submit to their husband – or in simple terms – “Yes, Dear.” And Husbands are given a Biblical mandate to love their wives – in simple terms – “Yes, Dear.”

When Bathsheba went to David to ask him about Solomon taking over his kingship, David in his old age had learned how to properly respond to his wife. His response to her request: Yes Dear.

Most people are familiar with the Year of Yes, but fewer people understand how powerful a Marriage of Yes can be. In life, yes attracts opportunities and opens doors – it can make life richer, fuller and more vibrant.

In a marriage, yes creates a home of unity. Yes stretches and strengthens the relationship. Yes makes a marriage richer, fuller, and more vibrant.


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