Don’t Hide Your Creativity in 2016

The basement of my friends’ house was filled with art. The art was so incredible, inspirational that I started to cry as I viewed the pieces. I was moved to tears; the art was that beautiful.

And it was in the basement.

The art belonged to her father (at the time she lived with her parents) and he had created lots of work, but then stored it in the basement. I couldn’t believe that he took his amazing work and put it in the basement. I thought it was a sin to put all those beautiful pieces in a dark, unused basement.

Isn’t this what so many people do with their creative talents?

They hide them by putting them in a dark space where no one can see them. I can only think of one instance in the Bible where a man hid a “talent” (in this case the talent was money), and God wasn’t pleased. God isn’t pleased when He blesses us with something of value and we hide it.

When God gives you gifts – those gifts aren’t just for you – they are for you to share.

What if every great intellectual, thinker, writer, entertainer, inventor, and researcher decided that they no longer wanted to share their thoughts, music, gifts, talents, and knowledge with the world?

Can you imagine if all the Adele’s of the world decided to only sing in the shower? What would the world look like? I can’t imagine a world devoid of creative beauty. I don’t want to imagine it.

I believe we are ALL created to contribute in some way. None of us are meant to live in solitary confinement and hide our natural gifts and talents. We are meant to share and build upon the gifts and talents God gives us.

Hoarding your talent is selfish. And selfishness is a sin. Don’t hide your creativity in 2016. If you have a talent, don’t bury it in the ground or place it in darkness. And if you refuse to share your talent, the least that you can do is grow it.


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