God Doesn’t Show Favoritism – Acts 10:34

The Heart of SantoriniVia Flickr

Peter didn’t want to go to a Gentile home. It wasn’t customary for a Jewish person to visit the home of a non-Jew. It wasn’t how that society worked – but God had a different plan for His church. His church wasn’t going to be a restrictive club that was unwelcoming towards people who looked a certain way. He wanted His Church to be a group of people from every nation… from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

God changed Peter’s heart, and Peter went to the house of Cornelius.

Peter was no longer bound by social boundaries or ethnic and racial parameters – God gave both Peter and Cornelius visions of His love for all. His desire is that all are saved – both Jew and Gentile.

God loves people. He died (and rose) for people. He doesn’t just love nice, friendly people who are hospitable and care about animals. Or people who volunteer and go to church. Or people who work with children or the elderly. God loves everybody – including the grouchy people who kick dogs and curse at others in traffic.

God expects impartiality from His followers – He doesn’t want us to treat people according to worldly standards, but by righteous standards. We must ignore the appearance, influence, wealth, status, ethnicity, race, personality or any other factors that we use to judge people by worldly standards. Like God, we are to look at the heart.



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