10 Traits of Spiritually Strong People

Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

When an armed robber burst through the door of a Christian store in Texas, the store owner didn’t submit to the threat. Instead, she told the robber to get out of her store “in the Name of Jesus.” The thief left the store immediately. The store owner was the epitome of a spiritually strong Christian. Below are ten traits of spiritually strong people.

1/ One characteristic evident in people who are spiritually strong is that they walk by faith, not by sight. They aren’t focused on circumstances; they’re only focused on God. They don’t worry about what’s going to happen because they fully trust God to take care of them. People who are spiritually weak, walk by sight. They focus on what they can make happen, instead of what God can make happen.

2/ Spiritually strong people carry the peace of God in their hearts. Spiritually strong people are not anxious. Anxiety has no agency over a spiritually strong person. The only force that has agency over a spiritually strong person is the Holy Spirit.

3/ The spiritually strong spend time with God. Moses was on the mountain with God for so long that the Israelites wondered what had become of him. Throughout Scripture we see men and women of God who dedicated themselves to prayer, worship and fasting for extended periods. David praised God seven times a day, and Daniel prayed at least three times a day – both were spiritually strong.

4/ Spiritually strong people have compassion for others. To be spiritually strong you have to have the Holy Spirit residing in you. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, and God loves people – John 3:16. The spiritually strong love others and they are kind, gentle, generous and patient.

5/ Spiritually strong people run TO God when they sin. In Psalm 51, David acknowledges his sins and pours out his heart before the Lord. David begs God to have mercy on him. Spiritually weak people run AWAY from God when they sin. But the spiritually strong run TO Him. The spiritually strong approach the throne of grace, believing fully in God’s mercy and love.

6/ Spiritually strong people are humble. Moses was very meek. Abraham and Joseph are also men of humility. Many of God’s servants throughout the Bible were humble.

7/ Spiritually strong people provoke others to jealousy. They are so close to God that others yearn for what they have spiritually. They cause others to want the fullness of the Holy Spirit operating in their lives. Yeshua provoked the Pharisees to jealousy. In the book of Acts, Stephen provoked the Sanhedrin to jealousy. Acts 6:15 states that the religious authorities saw that Stephen’s face was like the face of an angel. They became so jealous and enraged with Stephen that they killed him.

8/ Spiritually strong people are disciplined. Daniel decided that he was not going to partake in the King’s delicacies. Daniel was a disciplined man. (Daniel 1:8) Daniel didn’t allow the culture to dictate what was on his plate; he submitted to God in discipline and spiritual strength.

9/ Spiritually strong people are not afraid to take risks. We see this clearly in the book of Esther. Esther was afraid to approach the king, but she was willing to take the risk. Esther knew she needed spiritual strength. So Esther declared a three-day fast for herself and her servants. During the fast she increased her spiritual strength and took a risk that could’ve cost her life. She approached the king with the help of God.

10/ Spiritually strong people obey God rather than man. The spiritually strong don’t care what other people think of them. They are only concerned about whether or not they’ve pleased God. The disciples and apostles are great examples of spiritually strong people who obeyed God rather than man. The apostles preached Christ despite the opposition. They continued to be obedient to God despite the threats, imprisonments, and even death. Spiritually strong people are not afraid to die for the sake of the Gospel.

Let’s ask God to make us spiritually strong.


2 thoughts on “10 Traits of Spiritually Strong People

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post. Indeed spiritually strong people are not anxious, they have all the control over anxiety and they can never be worried by anything. It would be a much better world if everyone took some time to reflect on that.


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