Your Home Is Your Sacred Space

Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

After creating a prayer closet in my former home, I realized two things. First, I realized that I should have carved out the space sooner. Second, I realized that I wanted the peaceful energy that was in my closet to permeate the rest of my house. I stopped praying in just one space and now make it a point to pray, sing, and worship all over my home – the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen – I want my whole house to feel like shalom…. not just the prayer closet.

I do think it’s wise to have a sacred space.

It’s comforting to have a sacred space, and there is power in spiritual ritual and discipline. It’s beautiful and calming to enter a familiar, light space and know exactly why you’re there. But I also think we need to remember to bless our entire house, and speak God’s love and goodness into each room.

I think that we shouldn’t have A sacred space, but rather our homes should be THE sacred space where we’re overwhelmed by an atmosphere of love and peace.

One of the easiest ways to consecrate your home is to incorporate consecration into your home cleaning routine. Before you clean a room, pray over it, consecrate it, and bless it.

Incorporate consecration into your cooking and meal prep – when you walk into the kitchen, bless the room and pray that good, healthy, delicious meals would come from the kitchen. One of my favorite verses for the kitchen is Exodus 23:25.

You can do something similar with your living and recreational areas – ask God to make them places where good memories are created – spaces of love and laughter.

Your home can and should be a sacred space.


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