Boho Theo is a powerful online resource that provides Biblical insight, wisdom and encouragement. We exist for women who need a little guidance, as well as those who have been on the Christian journey a long time and know exactly where they’re going. Our mission is to spiritually equip women with biblical and spiritual knowledge.

Manifesto (Beliefs)

We believe that Jesus is God and the only Way to heaven.

We believe that heaven is more than just a place – but an emotion, an indescribable sensation, pure light, and pure love.

We believe that pure love is devoid of fear, and we are only fearful of what we don’t understand. We believe we should embrace love and rebuke fear.

We believe that knowledge lays foundations, erects walls, and open doors. We believe that it is through knowledge that we find Truth! We believe in seeking truth because once we find Truth we know the Way and have Life.

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