God Has Already Equipped You With What You Need

When most people pursue any goal in life, one of the first questions that they ask themselves is “Am I equipped?” Our talents and skills are embedded in our DNA, but there are times when we don’t appear to be born with what we need, however, we only need to look to scripture to see that every soul is equipped.

God equipped David with a natural ability and strength to overcome his enemies. He was born a fighter, which came in handy when it was time for him to secure the royal throne. God equipped Joseph and Daniel with supernatural wisdom so that they could bestow divine assistance to pagan kings. Solomon was also equipped with wisdom and riches to lead His people.

God equipped Moses, but Moses refused to acknowledge that he was already equipped, so, God (in his mercy) sent Aaron to help him. In Exodus 31, God tells Moses that he has equipped two special men – Oholiab and Bezalel – to build the temple furnishings, the ark of the testimony, and the mercy-seat. God equipped Oholiab and Bezalel with ability, intelligence, and overarching knowledge in their craft.

God gave Noah the compassion, foresight, and strength to build an ark that would save humanity. God even gave him the exact specifications so that he could build the boat perfectly. God equipped Esther with beauty, femininity, and inner strength, and we also know that Job was equipped with the mesmerizing virtue of patience.

When God placed Adam in the garden, He equipped Adam with everything he needed to be effective in his work. Adam didn’t worry about whether or not he had the right gardening tools or the magic of a green thumb because God had already supplied everything for Adam in advance. God didn’t create Adam and Eve as casual observers, but active participants. Their role was to care for creation. It was their calling to keep the earth, and they were equipped.

However, God, who is omniscient, knew in his foreknowledge that Adam would fall and had already equipped Adam with everything that he needed to handle life outside of Eden. As children of Adam, we too are equipped with everything we need to handle life outside of Eden. Every soul is equipped. God has already equipped you with everything you need.

What Do You Have in Your Hand?


In some cultures, when a baby turns one they do something special on their birthday. The parents put the baby in a highchair and place different objects in front of them – things like a pen, money, paintbrush, prayer book, hammer and a host of various items needed for different professions. It’s thought that the object that the child chooses corresponds to what’s in their future. For example, a child who chooses money may have a future as a business person. The tradition is superstitious, but it does remind us of one key truth – that what a person has in their hands determines what they’ll accomplish.

When God sent Moses, He asked Moses a question to prepare the prophet for the task ahead. The question was, “What’s in your hand?” God already knew what was in Moses’ hand, but God wanted Moses to have a deeper awareness of this principle. God wanted Moses to understand that God could use something small and insignificant (in this case a stick) to do a great and significant work.

When we give what we have in our hands to Him, He can take something simple and transform it into something amazing. When Moses threw the stick on the ground, he realized that he had more than just a stick in his hand. He had a calling on his life and even more significantly, he had the backing of God.

Everyone has something in their hands. To be a blessing to others, use what you have in your hand. I’ve been using the pen, but some people are given other things. Some people have a beautiful voice, or a good sense of humor, or business savvy, or a knack for encouraging others – if that is what God has given you – then use it. There are a million different gifts and talents – whatever your gifts and talents are, use it for His glory. God has invested in you, and He expects a return.

1 Peter 4:10 – Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace and various times.

Don’t Hide Your Creativity in 2016

The basement of my friends’ house was filled with art. The art was so incredible, inspirational that I started to cry as I viewed the pieces. I was moved to tears; the art was that beautiful.

And it was in the basement.

The art belonged to her father (at the time she lived with her parents) and he had created lots of work, but then stored it in the basement. I couldn’t believe that he took his amazing work and put it in the basement. I thought it was a sin to put all those beautiful pieces in a dark, unused basement.

Isn’t this what so many people do with their creative talents?

They hide them by putting them in a dark space where no one can see them. I can only think of one instance in the Bible where a man hid a “talent” (in this case the talent was money), and God wasn’t pleased. God isn’t pleased when He blesses us with something of value and we hide it.

When God gives you gifts – those gifts aren’t just for you – they are for you to share.

What if every great intellectual, thinker, writer, entertainer, inventor, and researcher decided that they no longer wanted to share their thoughts, music, gifts, talents, and knowledge with the world?

Can you imagine if all the Adele’s of the world decided to only sing in the shower? What would the world look like? I can’t imagine a world devoid of creative beauty. I don’t want to imagine it.

I believe we are ALL created to contribute in some way. None of us are meant to live in solitary confinement and hide our natural gifts and talents. We are meant to share and build upon the gifts and talents God gives us.

Hoarding your talent is selfish. And selfishness is a sin. Don’t hide your creativity in 2016. If you have a talent, don’t bury it in the ground or place it in darkness. And if you refuse to share your talent, the least that you can do is grow it.